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"Is to provide our clientele with the highest form of in-home care possible.  Every client and their family will be treated with love, respect, and compassion just as we love our family".

About Tri-State


Tri-State Home Care offers a full line of non-medical, in-home care in your area! At Tri-State, we provide you the opportunity to build your own caregiver package that includes all your specific needs.


At Tri-State, we are passionate about care. That is why we got into the business. After spending 10+ years in the private sector Tri-State was created to provide exactly what so many desire for in today’s day and age. Affordable in-home care to stay in the comfortable environment of your own home.


Let us take you thru the process. Once you have called to schedule a free in-home consultation a case manager will visit you and take you through step by step in selecting the right care for you. Our selection process is simple, yet, unique. At Tri-State we offer you the opportunity to build your package, selecting anything that you may need to make life easier. We understand getting around the house and keeping up with everyday duties can be challenging when trying to run away from father time. That is where we come in offering many services to make life easier for you.


 Tri-State is a registered in-home care agency that employs caregivers who are experienced in the industry. All of our employees are screened through local and national background databases. Employees of Tri-State are licensed, insured and bonded so there is never any worry when inquiring about our services.


Our Promise is to provide our clientele with the highest form of personal in-home care as possible. Also, to ensure them that we will show nothing but love, respect, and compassion to each client and their we love our own.

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